Imaging USA | Atlanta 2016

ImagingUSA Atlanta 2016

ImagingUSA was the show that started it all for me in 2008. And I’ve been to every one since (and countless other conventions as well). This was my 9th year of attending the Professional Photographers of America national convention. Oh, how things have changed since the first year, when I didn’t even know they had classes I could go to. And now that I’m a seasoned pro I still get as much out of the conference as possible.
Here’s a few notes from this year:

John David Pittman – Tuned In: An Open Conversation About Inspiration and Opportunity

  • “I take pictures to change people’s worlds – shift their paradigm of how they see themselves. I try first to see them the way I want to… as their best selves. Then I give them that when I show them the back of the camera.”
  • OPPORTUNITY is not often something that will come pursue us.
  • Inspiration is a process. Style is developed. Opportunity often wears a disguise.
    *His actual photography work was my favorite of all the speakers.

Allison Tyler Jones – Success Secrets of a Six Figure Studio

  • In response to difficult questions, say “Tell me more about that…What I can do.” Help to figure out what the real expectation, desire, or problem
  • Simple message – Tell people what they need you need for
  • Our work is not done until it’s hanging on a wall

Dean Bradshaw – The Power of Story

  • Do lots of work (Ira Glass – The Gap, one of my favorites) | Start with why (another valuable lesson)
  • Less technique – more purpose. Think like a director.
  • Find test stories in your area.
  • Learn how to communicate and effect the way people feel.
  • “Ideas are nothing, doing is everything.”

“What our industry is missing is soul. To be a better photographer… be a better person.”
Jerry Ghionis – The Art of Evoking Emotion

Cindy Swanson – Taking your Seniors from good to great

  • Find things you can compete on – People are taking (phone) pictures at all times. They don’t need more photos.

Mark Brandes – Book yourself to Success

  • Find gatekeepers to organizations and help them.