Caribbean Cruise

Western Carribean Cruise - Belize

Cruising it not really my thing. Granted, I had only one before our recent cruise to the Western Carribean (Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, Grand Cayman) but being on a large floating Vegas is not really my style of travel. I’m not really interested in the Disney Land version of the destinations. I want to spend time getting to know the people, and the cultural, and eating “real” local food. Most of the days we spent on our week long cruise we did the tourist thing. Big group activities. But one day in Belize we got to break off from the group. Hire a local guy to just take us around to his favorite spots. We went to Altun Ha to see the ruins of course, but then on the way back we randomly stopped by a shack on the side of the road to see how the hand-carve wood bowls, birds, frog and other item to sell at the markets. We got “real” Coke and had “Aunt Bev” cook us up some rice, beans and of course pigs feet. Yum! (Ok, to be honest, not my fave, but we got to try something different). We took the local tour, saw how people live and got to have “real” conversations with people and connect, with people that are normally there just “hassling” the tourist, so to speak. It was a unique, special experience.

Western Carribean Cruise - Belize Artisan

Western Carribean Cruise - Belize Artisan 02