Midway Ice Castles

Rori Midway Ice Castles

There’s a couple event that are held in Utah that I have never been to and always wanted to go. The Ice Castles in Midway is one of those annual events. In the years past I’ve been gone most of winter (which I don’t have a problem with) or it’s been a short winter with very mild temperatures (also don’t have a problem with). Well, this year I almost missed it again, but thanks to Allen’s Camera I finally made it! They arranged a special time after the Ice Castles were closed for the season that only photographers could come in for the evening.

I brought my friend Rori who is a budding photographer and she was able to play with my backup Nikon D700 and a loaner lenses they had on hand from Tamron.

I was thrilled I had finally made it out there. I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t snow on the crowd to make it a bit more magical but I definitely would go again and it’s one of the things that makes Utah rad!

Midway Ice Castles