Zion Singles

Utah is arguably one of the best states in the country for adventure sports. Hiking, canyoneering, mountain biking, and of course skiing all have their ideal locations and seasons in the state with the motto “Life Elevated”. One of the top spots to experience grand vistas and awe-inspiring landscape is Zion National Park in southern Utah.
I had actually been to Zion once before but only had a day to get a taste of what the park had to offer. When a group of friends were planning a long weekend to explore the park I was excited to join in.
The highlight of the trip was probably the breathtaking trek up Angel’s Landing. At times the trail is only a few feet wide with sheer cliffs on each side, and a chain-link railing to follow for most of the last (steepest) part of the 5 mile round-trip trail.
I did however miss out of canyoneering and tearing through on the “Razor” ATVs. I love those things. We did get to use them on our next road trip. Check it out here.