Collabor8 Launch Party

“Social Influencers” – That’s what they call them.
I was recently asked to come photograph the gorgeous launch event for the Collabor8 app, hosted in the backyard of Rachel Parcell. Parcell alone has  over 900k combined instagram followers on her fashion/lifestyle feed. The event included a plethora of creative entrepreneurs, as well as brands, that command similar follows. Altogether it was safe to say that about 5 million people (that’s insane!) had the potential of seeing images from that evening come through their feed. Crazy to stop and think about that.
The evening made me think more about what is valued in this world, to consider what people “follow” and deem important in their lives and how these “influencer” have a tremendously powerful tool to send their message into society.
Made me pay a bit more attention to the influence (or at times, lack thereof) over social media, and our desire to reach more people with images of joy and messages of hope and positivity. We’ll keep working on that…