Seattle Getaway

Oh the Pacific Northwest…
I had been to Seattle. I had been to Portland. I had even been to Vancouver a few times. But I had never truly experienced the “PNW” until I had the opportunity to travel to Olympic National Parks.
A friend of mine contacted me and said “let’s go somewhere”. That’s all it usually take for me to jump in on an adventure. So we hopped online and started looking for cheap flights out of Salt Lake. One of my best friends, just outside of Seattle, had just had a baby a few months before and that was as good of an excuse as any. Take a few family photos and explore some of the most gorgeous landscape in the country. Done.
We hit up some amazing spots. A rain forest. Adorable little port towns across the bay from Seattle. Quaint resort villages. Amazing beaches with massive trees washed up across the entire shoreline. And even the town where twilight was filmed, or inspired by, or something. (Not really sure, and don’t really care) But it was all part of our fun, unique little weekend adventure.