Singular Humanitarian – Nepal

One last Humanitarian trip for the year. This time I’m hoping on with Singular Humanitarian (and Choice Humanitarian) on their expedition to Nepal. In 2015 there was a devastating earthquake, and at the epicenter of this quake was a small village of Harmi in the Gorkah region, just about 100 miles northwest of the capital city of Kathmandu.
We flew into Kathmandu to begin our trip. We had an extra day or so to get acclimated before heading out to the countryside. I could not believe the amount of people, traffic, pollution, craziness and rich culture that made up this massive city.
A majority of our time was spent in the village however. We had such a warm welcome. It was amazing to see how much these people went out of their way to give us such much, when they have so little. I guess it makes sense in some ways since we were there 100% for them, to build a school, to train their educators, to assist with their business development and to support their women through the “Day for Girls” program. We, of course, ate amazing food, shared music, dancing and song, played a little soccer and had an incredible cultural experience.
It was bittersweet heading back to the city. And then to Pokhara for another adventure. But that was one of my favorite parts as well and a great way to end the trip with lots of sights and obviously more delicious food.